Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Voice is moving on line

Little Voice is reinventing itself, yet again
by creating a nominal on-line presence
for its iconic brand...
a new direction for 2012 and a mysterious new location.
We will also be focusing on many international interior design projects that will prominently feature our hand-crafted furnishings.
Stay tuned...

We hope you can visit the shop before the end of 28th October, when you will be able to receive discounts across a number of ranges, including 25% off our unique bespoke, hand carved furniture.

This is also your last chance to pick out large, costumed Jelly Cat rabbits for Christmas presents before they head to their vacation home in our warehouse (not unlike the Hamptons!)

The shopping section of the site will grow in the coming months so you can purchase our items from anywhere in Australia and overseas and of course, benefit from savings we intend to pass on to our customer base. For those who have loyally followed and expanded our brand, we will be extending the same generosity to our customers by tracking their purchases in a loyalty program. 
In addition, we will be running competitions and as always, featuring the unique works of Australian artists.

We look forward to seeing you before our departure and thank you for your patronage and your immense appreciation during our time at historical QVB and Skygarden.