Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The nitty gritty of it all:

Little Voice began as a vision, Nastassia Ikasovic had of empowering the lives and voices of children everywhere, especially those displaced by war, attrition and deprivation. The certainty that each life is not only sacred, but eternally significant, is given form through the Little Voice Collections. Using aesthetics that engage the child's imagination, the designs and characters are alive with colour, texture and movement, emphasizing creativity, optimism and hope - and encouraging all the children of the world to bloom with a sense of their own potential and to become strong, confident and optimistic.The furniture, clothing, accessory & jewellery collections reflect familiar, consoling and beautiful elements. Many of these creations are built around the premise of advocating core values such as love, joy, peace and acceptance. The furniture itself is executed in beautiful woods, hand-carved elements and timeless design evocative of a child's loose egocentric perceptions. It is covered in whimsical hand-loomed and hand-printed fabrics. Many of the armoires are inscribed with inspirational or poetic words advocating peace, acceptance and reconciliation. Armoires painted with evocative images of joy are carved with poetic lines such as, You are a child, born of love.

Little Voice designs all aspects of nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms that establish a life-long aesthetic of beauty and artistic appreciation. Uniquely childlike and natural, these interpretations are a luminous celebration of life.  Please contact Nastassia to create something of lasting value for your little one's precious childhood.
Shop 34- 36 Level 2,
429-481 George Street
Queen Victoria Building
Sydney 2000
Ph: +61 29 267 2882

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